Number eighty-two

Fresh, crisp White Ranunculus with bright Lime Green centres pop against the Cerulean Blue of a Magnolia stem and Anemone stem , intersperse with White and Moss Green Roses and add a dash of Mossy Twig for dramatic effect. Price does not include the vase.


Whats in this bouquet?

  • 4 Moss Green Roses
  • 5 White Roses
  • 2 White Ranunculus Sprays
  • 2 Full Cream and Green Roses
  • 1 Cerulean Blue Magnolia Stem
  • 1 Blue Anemone Spray
  • 2 Mossy Twigs


All our arrangements arrive carefully packed, stems uncut, ready for you to have the joy of arranging your faux flowers to create your very own masterpiece. Arrange in your own container or why not treat yourself to one of our VF Containers.

Number eighty-two



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